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Productive laziness: creative whirlwind – activate it at the right time

You know that creative whirlwind that prevents you from falling asleep at night? When you get so many good ideas that you have to write them down? They come at you out of nowhere, just from letting your mind wander.

It is a very useful thing. Many great ideas came to life during this time. But bedtime is the wrong time for it. Sleep is too important to being creative and healthy, to lose it over anything – even creative ideas… oh the irony :). Not to worry – you need not lose this quality source of ideas.

All you need to do is shift it to another, more convenient time of the day.

How much time do you need for the creativity to kick in? Not much I’d guess – all you need is a clear head (which usually comes when you lie down and try to wind down) and a few minutes.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing it anytime during the day! Of course, you have to find the quiet time, so some freedom of time (autonomy) and a quiet place is needed.

How to activate your creative whirlwind anytime

  1. find a private place, where you feel comfortable and at peace
  2. clear your head. Don’t force anything, don’t think about creating something, do the opposite – just try to fall asleep and let your mind wander.
  3. if you don’t fall asleep, random thoughts will enter your mind and mix and multiply to create new ideas. Make sure you write them down ;).
  4. If you do in fact fall asleep, you have just boosted your health, energy, and creativity for later (because sleep is VERY important), that’s fine too.

Because sometimes, it’s ok to allow yourself to be lazy. Productively lazy that is. Social media or TV doesn’t count here. Anything where your brain is immersed in someone else’s story is not going to activate the flow of creative thoughts. You need an empty room and let your mind wander, aimlessly, freely.

Sit back or lie down, switch off…

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


More benefits of planned downtime

You’ll discover what real freedom is – the fact that you will consciously try to find a peaceful time during the day means that you will think about your options, what is needed and not needed in your life. You will realize what freedom really means – not big money or spending, a big car and a holiday – but being in control of your own decisions and time. Being autonomous – doing whatever YOU want, WHEN YOU want it.

You might find yourself much calmer and relaxed – this little exercise works well as a form of meditation. Yes, you don’t send all thoughts away, but you still do all the other bits – calm environment, letting everything else go.

You will sleep better – if you get plenty of ideas during your waking hours, you won’t feel the need to ponder when it’s time to sleep.

You will clean up your life – you might even realize that many things you break your back for in your life aren’t worth it…

Enjoy the moment and reap it’s benefits – slowly, gradually – sensimly

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