The grass is greener syndrome

Causes, thoughts, solutions

Life is hard enough thanks to a plethora of external factors we can’t influence. Yet we somehow manage to make it even harder on ourselves by creating our own burdens to carry, one of such is the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome.

You know what it means – whatever situation you are in life, you see better options elsewhere. It’s the nagging feeling that you might find something better if you try this or that. It applies to relationships, careers, material things we own – you can find it in many corners of life.

It is bad because it distracts you from enjoying what you have by forcing you to focus on what you could have if… It can slowly disintegrate good relationships or lead you down a vicious path towards endless unhappiness. These pages will give you tools to reign it in, focus your energy where it matters and enjoy your life more.

What is the grass is greener (GIG) syndrome?