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How to stay sane and happy – in bullet points – if you prefer short and to the point writing :)

expect shit will happen in life, accept it but don’t dwell on it. There’s a fine line between chronic cynism/pesimism and rational/informed cynism. Example: learning useful self-defence techniques proactively is good. Being paranoid all the time, that you might get mugged and letting that limit your life is bad. know that things take time. Longer…

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How to live longer through 5 habits – latest research-backed information

Would you like to live longer, without any high-tech, futuristic nano-bot or chemical interventions to your body? It is no longer a science-fiction story, tantamount to an AI taking over the world. It is something you can influence yourself just by adopting a few good regular habits. Read on to find out which ones.

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Do this one thing for a happier life: aim for balance (3 steps to get you there)

What do you aim for in life? Career? Financial freedom? Freedom of time? Happy family? Leaving a legacy behind? Having a peaceful and blissful life? You want to achieve your goals – great. You work hard on that, even better. But you also want to have a stress-free, peaceful and relaxed life, correct? Perfect. Have…

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The unexpected benefits of 16/8 intermittent (circadian rhythm) fasting

Intermittent fasting is being endorsed by fitness instructors, bloggers and scientists around the world. This post isn’t about its many great direct benefits (more efficient fat burning, especially the even less healthy belly fat, cellular waste removal, cardiovascular system protection and potential lifespan improvement – not bad huh?), but about additional, unexpected benefits of intermittent fasting. source:…

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One change will make your worries seem much smaller: How to stop worrying

A few days ago, I sat in a discussion group, the topic of which isn’t relevant here, but one of its conclusions is. Somehow, 13 different people from all backgrounds, levels of success in life, varying levels of happiness, partner and/or family situation, financial situation, all had one thing in common – we all had…

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How to make a good habit stick

Most of us already know what are the important things, the productive / rewarding / healthy tasks that will make our lives better. And most of us either don’t do them, or struggle to keep doing them regularly enough, for them to have an impact on our lives. You know what’s needed? That ugly word…