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How to live longer through 5 habits – latest research-backed information

Would you like to live longer, without any high-tech, futuristic nano-bot or chemical interventions to your body? It is no longer a science-fiction story, tantamount to an AI taking over the world. It is something you can influence yourself just by adopting a few good regular habits. Read on to find out which ones.

Health | Stay healthy at home or office

Four must-have tools in a healthy office – simpler than you think!

Let’s keep things simple. Of course there are tons of tools, office furniture and equipment that you can buy and have lying around in your office. You can spend tons of money and have the latest gadgets. But you can also keep things simple, do it sensimly, and apply the pareto rule: 80/20. Get 80%…

Stay healthy at home or office

Exercise at home or at work: 3 simple ways to stay healthy in the office or working from home / remotely

We are going to give you three tips on how to stay more active whilst working from home. Why would we care about that? Let’s see… Did you know that the number of employers offering a work from home option has grown by 40% in the past 5 years? 3.7 million employees in the US…